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What's your favorite type of leather to work with?

What's your favorite type of leather to work with?

Choosing a favorite leather type is hard.

The beauty of leather is more than just aesthetics. It’s also a lot to do with its versatility. Since leather comes in all shapes and sizes, it is quite a challenge to choose which one to use for every project.

Since versatility is its strength, how do you actually decide which leather piece is perfect for your next work? For most leather enthusiasts, a go-to leather type makes choosing easier. Once you have a favorite type of leather, this challenging decision becomes a no-brainer.

Types of leather

Vegetable-tanned leather

A popular favorite, vegetable-tanned leather’s popularity is all thanks to using less harsh chemicals to produce high-quality material.

Using organic vegetable tannins, the process of which vegetable-tanned leather is produced has sparked interest from leather aficionados and even just curious groups. With the endless search for sustainability in leather, this type offers a better alternative to the traditional ones.

Vegetable-tanned leather comes in various shapes and sizes, making them readily available for your craft needs. It remains to be a popular choice for tooling, engraving, crafting, and basically every leather project you can think of.

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Oil-tanned leather

Before you dismiss oil-tanned leather as a chemically treated material, it is crucial to note that oil tanning is actually part of the post-tanning process. 


While vegetable-tanned leather uses vegetable tannins to produce the material, this type adds oil impregnation to create a more luxurious, softer leather.

Oil-tanned leather is known to be easier to manipulate, and is also waterproof, making it a popular favorite for shoes, bags, and wallets. Its texture is also smoother, although there are some retaining the grainy feel for aesthetics and function.

Like vegetable-tanned leather, oil-tanned leather also comes in different measurements for your every need. From belts to straps and tooling, this material will not fail your creativity and imagination.

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Belts, straps, and strips

Popular for beginners and experts alike, leather straps come in both oil-tanned and vegetable-tanned types.

You can also find them in various materials, such as crazy horse, latigo, bison leather, suede, bull hide, cowhide, etc. It is equally important to consider the material you will use in your work, to ensure you maximize the advantage of leather.

Its versatility spans across many project ideas including belts, straps, strips, utility belts, tool belts, sofa accents, bag straps, gun holsters, bar stool covers, knife sheath, gun holsters, guitar covers, shoes, Insoles, hats, ancient leather armors, jewelry boxes, map tube boxes, insoles, shoes, hats, iPad covers, notebook covers, and cell phones cases, among many others.

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Suede leather

Suede leather is popular for its rich, luxurious texture. It is a great choice for tooling, molding, engraving, stamping, crafting, hobby, and workshop projects.

Its velvety texture keeps it in the elite types of leather and is also among the more expensive ones. Because it is thicker and more robust, it is more versatile and quite easier to work with. These characteristics also make them less prone to breakage and cracks.

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Leather scraps

If you’re just starting in leather craft and would like to test the waters without breaking the bank, leather scraps are perfect.

While they are indeed scraps from pre-cut leather pieces, they have the same versatility, quality, and texture. The only difference is their irregular shapes and sizes, which could also lend some raw feel to your project.

They’re great for adding character to any leather creation. Leather scraps come in various types and are a great way for you to find your future go-to leather kind.

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Leather accessories

Apart from the popular leather types, there are also other options you can explore, like lace!

Leather lace is thin strips of leather you can use as a defining accent to your project. They usually come in vegetable-tanned material and are soft enough to use as a defining addition to your craft.

The best leather lace is made from deerskin, smooth, and soft for that luxurious texture that gives more elegance to leather. They braid easily and are commonly used for finely finished garments, smaller projects, jewelry, and home decor items.

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With the plethora of choices when it comes to leather type and material, add to that the amazing colors they come in, it is not easy choosing which one to use. Picking a favorite type of leather usually comes after a couple of projects, when you determine which one works best for you and what you do.

For one, it could be the texture, the waterproof detail, the flexibility… The deciding factor when it comes to preference could vary greatly. 

The one thing you have to remember about leather is its durability. To get to the bottom of your decision, keep in mind that although not all leather has been produced the same if they share the same full grain natural material, they are all worth the time and money.

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